Taming the Beast

This blog is about Technology.

There are many times I want to write down experiences I’ve had; sometimes to remember what I’ve learned so that I gather a set of common solutions to common problems.  Other times, I want to share my experiences so that others can learn.

In truth, technology is a behemoth, an ever-changing monster, and we are locked in a struggle with it as new technology emerges and we try to master it.  IT people are intimately familiar with the constant battle to keep pace as people find new and exciting ways to use technology.  My philosophy is simple:  Technology can be good or bad.  It gets complicated when you ask, when does technology go bad?  And why?  And how the heck to fix it when it does?

I will attempt to provide you, the reader, with informative and entertaining posts about how to make technology work for you, and provide tips to bail you out when good technology goes bad.

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