Windows IP Configuration and .NET rrdtool

IP configuration difficulties

I have two new interesting things to post today.  The first is a solution to a strange problem.  A coworker of mine suddenly found that his laptop would not connect to the internet.  I opened a command window to see if he got any IP information, and I saw:

C:\Documents and Settings\username>  ipconfig

Windows IP Configuration

C:\Documents and Settings\username>

That’s it.  No adapters were listed at all.  I ran across this experts-exchange article that helped solve the problem.

I only had to:
regsvr32 netshell.dll
regsvr32 netcfgx.dll
regsvr32 netman.dll

But in addition, if that doesn’t work for you, there are other steps you can take.  One user booted into safe mode and removed the network card drivers, then let Windows detect them again.  Another user had to perform the following:

– Reinstalled all wireless/wired drivers from Dell
– Reset my Winsock using netsh:
– Reinstalled Winsock/Winsock2 using these instructions from MS:;en-us;817571
– Ran the 3 DLL register commands from the first post.
– Ran Winsock XP Fix for good measure:
– Rebooted Windows

NHawk to the rescue for .NET and rrdtool on Windows

I would like to write a program in C# (.NET) that will automatically update RRD graphs on Windows.  The incredibly useful rrdtool and its windows binary can be used to update rrd graphs on the same machine they’re graphing.  I want to do this for performance reasons and for scalability.  I don’t need to have all the graphs on one server, the way we run cacti currently.

I found a wrapper project, NHawk, that allows me to write RRD commands using .NET objects.  The only thing that I can’t figure out how to do is GPRINT.  I’m about to email the author and find out if there is an update.

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