Multiboot DVDs

Imagine this – You boot from one DVD, and a menu comes up:

1. Install Windows

2. Boot BartPE

3. Boot from Dos

4. Boot from Linux

5. Run Memtest86+

6. Anything you can think of

This is a reality – using CDSHELL or GRUB4DOS.   I’ve been intrigued by the different ways in which to create a multiboot DVD or USB stick, and these are the two ways I’ve found that seem the most solid.  Don’t be fooled by the name GRUB4DOS, because it can boot Windows and Linux just as well as DOS.  Sorry, MacOS users, but this doesn’t apply to you.

If you want to create a multiple-installers dvd, look no further than because it is the definitive resource on using CDShell to install multiple versions of Windows from one DVD.

For those of you who want to run Linux or boot from USB, I believe GRUB4DOS is your best bet.  I’d like to spend more time and post details about how to do these things, hopefully when I have more time.  If you are the go-to guy for fixing computer problems in your network of friends, you will find it really helpful to have multiple ways to boot a dead system.  The best thing about GRUB4DOS is that you have so many options.  If you want to boot the same images via PXE, USB or DVD, you can create the same basic structure and make it work on all three the same way.  CDShell, on the other hand, can only be used from DVD or possibly from another bootloader like GRUB4DOS.

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