Sleigh – First iPhone Game


Sleigh was published November 23 and can be found in the app store when you search for the keyword “Sleigh”.

Please visit for more info and for the iTunes download link.

Hello everyone,

November 16, I submitted my first iPhone game to the App Store to be published.  I’d like to write a bit about it here, although I won’t go into details.  Maybe in a future episode I’ll write a how-to guide, but there are already so many out there that it really doesn’t make sense.

The game is called Sleigh.  You’re Santa flying in the sky.  You must avoid birds and chimneys and collect gifts to give to kids.  Tapping anywhere on the screen causes your acceleration to increase upward, while releasing your finger from the phone causes Santa to plummet towards earth as gravity takes over.

Currently, the app’s status is “Waiting For Review,” which I have heard can take anywhere from 5-8 days.  I submitted the app on November 16, so I expect the latest I have to wait will be until November 24.   After that time, the review process should take 24 hours, and if my app passes inspection it should be made available just after Thanksgiving, just in time for Christmas.  I will post about what actually happens when it happens, and we’ll see if theory meets real life in any meaningful way.

Here are a few teaser screen shots:

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